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Amparo Bertram

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06:17 am: The queen is dead
I managed to squeeze in about an hour after work to visit my main library's annual book sale. Fortunately (for me), the cookbooks were separated into their own room, so I could just avoid that room and save myself a ton of money. I did pick up a few things from the hobby and language sections.

I devoted my days off this weekend to canning, and I processed a total of 11 pints of tomatoes and 7 cups of fig jam. I will probably spend next weekend putting up more fencing and planting my fall peas.

On Tuesday, I made a sad discovery when I went to refill the water tank I set up by my beehive. I noticed that there wasn't any activity around the hive entrance, unusual for a warm sunny day, so I opened the hive to check. All I found were dozens of dead bees. ;_; I speculate the hive was attacked by wild bees or wasps, which then stole all the honey. I had suspected for several weeks that the queen wasn't laying as many eggs as she should be; I guess the hive population dropped to the point that they didn't have the numbers to defend themselves any more. Oh, well, I can try again next year. Hopefully I can get a stronger queen. At least I still have all the equipment ready to go.


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Date:September 22nd, 2016 12:46 pm (UTC)
Especially if that means no honey this year.

Yeah, the wild bees stole every drop.

Library book sales are so dangerous....

No kidding. I nearly bought more than I could carry last time I went.

In "this has nothing to do with your actual post" news, you might be happy to hear that I am now starting G-Defend 30, and I finally can recognize nearly all the background characters.

Awesome! There's so much packed into the series.
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