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Gen Con 2016 Game Log

For posterity, here is the list of the games that I played on my trip this year. The #1 game was Valley of the Kings, with 4 plays of the base game, 3 plays of the Last Rites expansion, 1 play of the Afterlife expansion, and 1 play of all three combined (though only 1 card was used from Last Rites in that game).

Second was Dominion, with 3 plays of last year's Adventures expansion and 3 plays of this year's Empires expansion.

Third place was Bird of Happiness, a quick-playing deckbuilding game that I picked up at the Tokyo Game Market back in May.

The most-played non-deckbuilder was Codenames, with 2 competitive team plays of the base game and 3 cooperative plays of the Pictures expansion.

Gen Con 2016 Game Log

Monday, August 1
Hachiawase #1 - 3p
Hachiawase #2 - 3p
Bird of Happiness - 3p
Monster Cube - 3p
Doggy Go - 3p
King of Frontier - 3p
Dominion: Adventures - 3p
Bird of Happiness - 4p with Matt
Hachiawase #1 - 3p with Matt
Hachiawase #2 - 3p with Matt
Ticket to Ride - 5p with Matt and Robert
Bird of Happiness - 5p with Brandon, Matt, and Robert
Dominion: Adventures - 5p with Matt and Robert

Tuesday, August 2
Cacao - 3p
Patchwork with Mom
Dominion: Adventures - 3p

Thursday, August 4
Spirit Island - 3p
Nefarious - 5p

Friday, August 5
Quadropolis - 4p with Matt PUG
Costa Rica - 4p with Matt PUG
Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game - 1p

Saturday, August 6
Alhambra - 3p
Valley of the Kings: The Last Rites - 4p

Sunday, August 7
Valley of the Kings - 3p
Valley of the Kings - 3p with Denise
Codenames: Pictures - 3p x3
Tempurra - 3p

Monday, August 8
Valley of the Kings - 4p
Roll for the Galaxy - 4p
Neko Yashiki - 4p
Dorasure - 5p with Meredith

Tuesday, August 9
Bird of Happiness - 4p
Valley of the Kings: Afterlife - 4p
Dominion: Empires - 4p
Paperback - 3p with Sara
Cacao - 4p
Valley of the Kings: Last Rites - 3p with Denise

Wednesday, August 10
Rialto - 4p
Dixit Journey - 4p
Valley of the Kings: Last Rites - 4p
Pandemic: Legacy - 4p
Codenames - 6p x2

Thursday, August 11
The Dragon and the Emperor - 2p
Guilds of London - 3p with Denise and Sara
Bird of Happiness - 4p
Valley of the Kings/Valley of the Kings: Afterlife - 6p with James and Meredith
Mysterium - 6p

Friday, August 12
Dominion: Empires - 4p
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival - 3p with Denise
Deep Sea Adventure - 3p with Denise
Legends of Andor - 3p
Valley of the Kings - 3p

Saturday, August 13
Dominion: Empires - 3p
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