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Amparo Bertram

Times are changin'

Today I went into school for the open house-type seminar held to inform middle school students and their parents about the high school. I was assigned to teach a short demo lesson (read: game). When I was first told about it a few weeks ago, I was asked to make up a 20 minute lesson. Then a few days ago I was asked to extend it to be a 30 minute lesson. Then yesterday I was asked to pare it down to a 25 minute lesson.

Make up your mind already.

And, of course, when the time finally came, the people who were presenting before me ran over, so I was asked at the last minute to scrunch my demo into 15 minutes. I was definitely glad I hadn't planned anything elaborate. I had made up (and laminated) 60+ cards with simple nouns (that middle school students should know) and 20+ cards with simple adjectives and played a quick game of Apples to Apples. It seemed to work rather well, and the best part was that it was flexible timewise, since I could stop the game at any point.

After the presentation was over, the head of the English department said he just noticed my matching socks. <snicker> the student aides all laughed and boasted that they had noticed a long time ago. One of them commented, "It's like a test of your observation skills."

I decided to take a quick trip to Animate in the afternoon. Unfortunately, my navigation skills failed me. As I came down from the train station, I passed it one street to the east. Once I realized my mistake, I moved down the block and went back the way I came...and passed it one street to the west. ^_^; The good news is that my scenic route allowed me to find another branch of the fabric store of my dreams. The bad news is that it cost me an extra hour. (Darn Christmas shoppers...)

I will say one final word about my trip to Kyoto: I don't care *what* brand name is written on them, $100 is *way* too much to pay for a pair of jeans. These people are crazy.
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