Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

How sweet it is

Thankfully, there have been no major mishaps this week. Most of my focus has been on the garden, where I'm finally getting to harvest the first beans from my variety trial. They're maturing at a rate of a few pods per day right now, but I will be inundated with them before long. Last year I sorted them on my coffee table, but that won't work with mischievous dogs that like to steal things off my tables when I'm not looking. I'm thinking I may have to do all my bean sorting in the guest bedroom instead.

The squash and tomatoes are coming along splendidly. I managed to get fencing up around the tomatoes, so hopefully the dogs won't be able to munch on them the way they've been eating all the blackberries. None of the tomatoes are ready to pick yet, but it won't be long.

I harvested several pints of rhubarb from my main plant. The baby rhubarb that I split from the parent and planted last winter is doing quite well, so I should get even more next year.

My summer potato crop is beginning to die back, so it should be ready to harvest in a few weeks. Of course, I'll be too busy with Gen Con by then, so the potatoes will have to wait until mid-August before I can get around to them.

Most exciting of all, I peeked inside my hive to check on how the bees are doing, and I found them hard at work on capping a frame of honey. This one is in the brood box, so I'll be leaving it alone for their own consumption, but if all goes well I'll have a lot more in the honey supers by the end of the season.
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