Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Blowing dough

It has been a bit of a rough time around here.

It started a little over two weeks ago, when, due to the vagaries of scheduling, I wound up working nine days in a row. My ninth day was a week ago Wednesday, and by the time I finished my shift, all I wanted to do was go home, take a shower, and relax for the rest of the evening.

I arrived home to discover that city workmen were re-paving the sidewalk in front of my house. All well and good (who doesn't like smooth sidewalks?)...except that one of the workmen came up to tell me that they had broken the water main leading to my house, and all my water was shut off until it could be repaired.

Oh, joy.

Fortunately, my neighbors agreed to let them run a hose from their front spigot into my main line, which worked pretty well...except for a few hours when my neighbor needed to use the spigot to water the front yard and didn't know how to turn the connection to my house back on afterward. Nothing like using the bathroom and then having to steal water out of the dogs' water tank to wash your hands because nothing is coming out of the faucet. ~_~

The repair work was finished by this Wednesday, so that problem was cleared up without too much fuss. Then another issue arose on Thursday, when I was making a batch of whole wheat naan to eat with curry for supper. I rolled the dough into balls and set it on the dinner table to rise while I went out to water the front yard (which was incredibly dry after going the entire time without water - I couldn't connect the garden hose while the line was being used by the hose from the neighbor's house).

I came back inside to discover that my crazy beagle had latched onto my tablecloth and dragged it down to pull everything on the table over to where he could reach it. He had eaten four of the naan dough balls by the time I caught him. As it turns out, dough will just sit in a dog's stomach and block it up. He ended up at the emergency vet, where they spent all day Friday trying to figure out what to do to get rid of the mass of dough.

By Friday evening, they had concluded that the only way to get the dough out was surgery. Luckily for Benny (not to mention my bank account), when they were taking the final X-rays for the surgeon, they saw that after sitting in his stomach for 30+ hours, it was finally starting to move. They were able to forgo surgery and let the dough work its way out naturally. I was able to bring him back home Saturday afternoon, where he will be treated to a diet of bland food for two days to let his stomach recover.

Crossing fingers that this week will be less eventful.

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