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Amparo Bertram

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05:48 am: 2016 Kickstarter Game Update, Week 11
Games I Viewed:
The Pirate Republic
Status: 35% funded

This pirate game can apparently be played either competitively or cooperatively. I think the art is fantastic, but it seems pretty focused on combat. Also, unless it has a serious surge in the last 48 hours, it doesn't appear likely to fund.

Massive Darkness
Status: Funded

This is a gateway-level cooperative dungeon crawl. I was interested in it because the company producing it (Cool Mini or Not) has had many successful projects in the past. However, the gameplay looks exceptionally bland and simplistic (kill monsters with dice, pick up loot, level up, repeat), which is disappointing.

Status: Funded

Cooperative science fiction board game that prides itself on using hexagonal tiles patterned to give a 3-D illusion (like Q-bert cubes). The art is interesting, but I'm not thrilled by so-called cooperative games where players "have to coordinate their movements to defeat" the enemy but "only one player will be granted all the honors" in the end. That defeats the purpose of being cooperative.

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