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Amparo Bertram

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07:52 pm: Promising beginnings
This weekend, I put in a number of hours working out in the yard. I did some emergency weeding in the front on Sunday. I'm happy to see that I have a good collection of carrots getting ready to flower there. My plan is to let the carrots grow "wild" in the front, then collect the seeds and plant them in the raised beds in the back yard for eating. I just harvested some of the carrots I planted this way in the spring, and now I have to figure out what I want to do with them. Soup? Or carrot cake? Possibly roasted together with some potatoes and rosemary? Enchilada stuffing? So many choices.

Today I spent a lot of time pruning in the back. I cut off bunches of vines from my grape trellis (not that it shows) and wisteria. I also pruned back the crabapple trees and hacked the dead branches off my sakura to give the new baby branches room to grow.

I harvested a handful of blackberries, so that season is beginning. I'm going to give the cherries a few more days to turn a deeper shade of red. The first plums should also be ready in a few days. I need to pick at least one of the kale plants in the back yard, but before that, I have to wash out all the bowls I've been using for making bread, so I have something to put the kale in.

One of my grape vines has all its fruit near the ground, and I don't want the dogs eating it, so I set up a tall fenced perimeter around the whole plant. I'm hoping they won't consider it worth the effort to dig underneath.

The bee hive seems to be doing well. Sometimes I like to stand near it and watch the activity at the entrance. It's interesting to see the workers returning with their little leg pouches full of pollen. They haven't done anything in the honey super I set on the top a few weeks ago, so I assume they're still working on filling the two brood boxes.

It's exciting to spot all the flowers on my bean plants. The color of the flowers is one of the first signs I have of genetic segregation among some of the hybrids. It doesn't really mean anything, since I don't actually select based on flower color, but seeing sibling plants, some with white flowers and some with purple flowers, is at least an indication that I will get good variation among them.

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