Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Golden Week 2016 Quote List

It's a Vegeta communion wafer!

Are you going to eat your midotaka body of Christ?

They're together forever in my stomach now.

I conglomerated you all together into a giant robot of Denise's friends.

We should go shop socking.

...Because Mister Donut was blinding us...

Our place isn't good to play games in...unless the game is "Try to use the bathroom successfully."

Death by coin locker!

Denise, vegetable healing!

Jim is writing my kind of fanfic. First they're in love, then something happens, then they're in Super Love.

This is supposed to be a date. Don't make me punch you in the face.
--Just like our wedding...

Captain Hook's fishy orgy?

That burger was my destiny!

We need to fix our country, so that men feel okay wearing a kitty hoodie.

My little flag is just can't see it.

Am I flat enough?

This is the sadness of making the kitty-miyaki.
--You have to eat his face!

This is the flavor that's gonna save our marriage!

I've never had an eargasm like this before.
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