Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

2016 Game Update Week 9

Game I Backed:
The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game
Status: Funded

In this game, players get individual decks based on the Dresden Files fantasy novel series and attempt to take out foes and solve mysteries before a final showdown. I backed it instantly based on the cooperative play and my enjoyment of the series, but I'm considering dropping out because backers essentially pay full retail price PLUS shipping and don't get much in the way of special bonuses in return. I may as well wait until retail and buy it then.

Games I Viewed:
Status: 49% funded

Players are different species of animals struggling for survival. I love the art, but I need to look more closely at the gameplay.

Cavern Tavern
Status: Funded

This fantasy game uses dice as workers for a "dice placement" mechanism. The theme and the custom dice look interesting, but I'll have to examine it more closely to see if it's any better than Kingsburg, which I already own.

Honorable Mentions:
Chalice Champion
Status: Funded

These metal coasters have a protective railing that prevents glasses from tipping over accidentally, so people don't have to worry about drinks spilling on their games. The concept is intriguing, but they are rather expensive.

The Game Canopy
Status: Funded

This custom bag is designed specifically for carrying and protecting board games. However, it is extremely expensive, accessories like the shoulder strap are extra, and shipping is a hefty additional charge.
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