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Amparo Bertram

If you're angry and you know it...

Now that the tests are graded, it is apparently time for the teachers to give out "yellow cards" to the students. I assume this is a warning to those who are in danger of failing, though it was never explained because everyone else already knows what it is. I don't recall any such yellow cards at my Niigata schools, though maybe they had them and I was simply never aware of it.

When we handed back the exams to one class on Friday, one of the girls (who never does anything during class but chat or nap) was worried that she would get a yellow card. She first asked my team teacher if she would get one, but he said, "That's for Amparo to decide." I just stood there looking blank, not having a clue what he was talking about. The girl promptly turned to me and said, "If you give me a yellow card, I'll pull your hair out."

I was speechless. I could tell she intended it as a joke, but still, that's a threat. My team teacher didn't say anything about it, though, and just went on with the class.

Today she tried a different tactic. This time she said, "You look like Natalie Portman. ...So don't give me a yellow card." Ah. This is, I suspect, an attempt at flattery.

We had a half day because the students went to watch a performance of 12 Angry Men in the afternoon. I thought I was supposed to go along, because almost everyone else was, but when I asked I was told I should just stay in the faculty room. It would have been interesting to see, but on the other hand I would have had to brave the cold to go down to the Civic Center for it, so I was just as happy to stay in the nice heated room.
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