Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

I know why the night owl sings

It has been a long work week here. It started on Christmas, when I was surprised by my work cell phone ringing, and the person on the other end said, "Are you home? I have your black dog."

Yikes. Apparently, Rei managed to get out of the yard (probably figured out how to open the latch on the gate), and a neighbor several blocks away found him. Fortunately, he was wearing the tag I made him with my work cell phone number on it. Since I wouldn't get home from work for hours, the neighbor was kind enough to bring him back and put him in the yard. I have now fastened the gates shut with bungee cords, so I'm hoping he won't get out again.

On Sunday I began working the newly instituted late-night shift. This involves staying at the airport past the time when my normal bus stops running. In order to get home, I have to catch a night owl bus that drops me off twice as far from my house as my usual bus. I've been taking my folding bicycle with me, so I can ride that home from the bus stop and get home a bit quicker.

The night owl bus is...quite an experience. It has a different strata of patrons than the commuter buses I typically ride. There are people who yell and curse at each other, people who stretch out across several seats and sleep, and people who break out into drunken-style off-key singing at random moments.

It kinda says something that the bicycle ride home in the dark and the cold is the peaceful part of my trip. ~_~
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