Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Running commentary

Rei has finally learned that the pet door won't kill him, and he now goes in and out at will. However, after I came home from work one day to find that he had shredded a throw rug, he lost his home alone privileges.

My next door neighbor had previously expressed an interest in learning how to crochet, so on Tuesday night she came over and I gave her an introductory lesson. In between stitches, we made a curry dinner (with a yummy frozen mango yogurt dessert I whipped up in my Vitamix) and watched a couple movies.

Yesterday I went to the local sports shop in an attempt to find a nice warm sweat suit that I could either wear as pajamas or use for walking Rei on chilly mornings before work. They had a ton of flimsy, skin-tight yoga pants, but not much in the warm jogging pants department. The few that I could find were not available in my size. (Why no petite department? Short people exercise too...) I picked up one pair that was heavily discounted, but the legs are at least 4 inches too long and will require hemming. I couldn't find a decent sweat shirt, either. They all either had hoods or zippers, and I just wanted a plain pullover top. So much for that idea.

While I had my bicycle out for shopping, I decided to try taking Rei out for a walk with it. I was afraid that he would dart out in front of the bike and get hit with the front wheel, so I hadn't attempted it before. He did exactly that, a couple times, but I was careful to go at a slow walking speed, so it mainly just startled him. He hated going on the neighborhood streets (he's still scared of parked cars), but he did much better once we got to the trail along the bay where there weren't any cars. He had a good run, and it was much easier for me than running along with him would have been.
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