Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Butterfly on a wire

Not much of note has been going on around here, other than the weather getting chillier and wetter. I had last Thursday and Friday off, so I spent a lot of time putting a bunch of things from my fall harvest together into a meal to bring to work on Saturday for a mini-potluck. I made bean tamales, butternut squash empanadas, colcannon, and persimmon crisp. It all went over well.

Rei is quite the little mischief-maker in the yard. He apparently feels that anything within reach is fair game to be a chew toy--including, as I discovered, a bunch of cables that were attached to the exterior of the house. O_O He chewed one of them completely through...thank goodness it wasn't an electrical wire!

I grabbed a roll of duct tape to affix all the wires flat against the side of the house so they wouldn't be such a temptation. (Hopefully I can come up with a more permanent solution soon.) While I was doing that, I came across a monarch butterfly chrysalis attached to the side of the house near the wires. That means at least one of the caterpillars has survived, yay!
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