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Summer Comiket 2015 Quote no da yo

There is a 100% chance of rain adult language below the cut, so read at your own risk. And carry an umbrella.

Summer Comiket 2015 Quote no da yo
with participation from mangaroo, megory, sara_tanaquil, spacealien_vamp, and wednesday_10_00

Now we can all be excited about canned food on different days!

She sees sumo wrestlers...I just see love.

Look, we get his underwear again.
--We have something to live for!

Amparo will now be speaking for me for the rest of the trip.
--You're the anger translator?

While you're being all noble, I'm kicking your butt.

Feel free to molest the doujinshi.

Why do they merchandize right into my heart?!

When I say "stupid," I mean "awesome."

It's the Yuu Yuu Hakusho Fan Club Junior!

I can't believe I saw breasts. I'm way too gay for that.

Keep me away from Denise. Or, possibly, kill her.

Are we slashing the driving school cars...?

Let's use ALL of our brain cells!
--I don't have very many left...

I'm going to invite strangers in to sit on your bed.

I can't have it polluting the rest of my doujinshi collection...
--It might leak out, and then all the others will end sadly.

2015—Grape Fanta: Never forget!

I don't need to own everything that touches me now.

You're gonna need a pen...
--And, strangely enough, an armadillo and an elephant.

Disney is pure and innocent, and there is no sex.
--...And no pants.

I don't think you give this pillow enough credit. You don't deserve this pillow.

Sorry, guys. You're crazy by association.

We got nuts!
--We ARE nuts!

Why do you lie to me about cream all the time?!

The post office will NOT take us to Disney.

I would totally take that to Comiket, if I were me.

I love the care with which you are adorning your fries.
--It's to let every fry know it matters.

It is the life preserver OF DEATH.

I'm just engaging in a little light bondage, for crying out loud.

There's a restroom right here.
--Suspiciously easy.
--It could be a trap!

We came to Disney to spend the day at the bathroom.

Can we duck into McDuck's?

Everyone brings their plants to have sex in my garden.

Everyone, grab your man.

I think it's going to be like a 200 pound baby when you bring it home.

If all else fails...fingers work.

You need a robot to buy things at Comiket for you. Like a Roomba.
--Yes, a Comiket-ba.

Warning: There are sexy funtimes ahead.

We're going to spend the rest of our lives in this love hotel.

Thank you for telling me to go on a no da yo.

I'm sorry, you're going to have to make a six player version and add red and black.
--And one of the players will never get a turn, because he's invisible.

Score! ...Na no da yo.

I am entrusting this job to someone with pants.

I will do everything humanly possible...with pants.

I will run downstairs and get us some internet.

She was on the crack...and complaining about it.

That was really smooth, the way I ran into the door.
--I didn't see it, darn it. Can you go back and do it again?

I think I'm contractually obligated to buy some of these. What is the tackiest one I can find?

In case we didn't make it hot enough for you--here, there's a live dragon in this bottle.

If I didn't have to juggle this, I could read porn...

No, you have to judge solely based on spine quality!

When Sara gets back, she'll probably be too tired to eat.
--I just went shopping here, and I'm too tired.
--I didn't do anything all day, and I'm too tired.
--You win!

Oh, that's right! We still have to eat Gigantic Skytree!

We've failed. We failed dessert. We need a do-over.

Now I'm sad because the leopard can't go into the public bath.

Your opinion is "Mlyeh!"?
--...Na no da yo.

Now you have bison fibers in your bra?

I think you are underestimating your lack of manga.

Did you find that X-Defend...or G-Defend, or whatever you were looking for?

Does sugar make packing easier?

Let's weigh this...with the scale of meanness...

Do I care if my dirty underwear gets curried?

We're going this way to stay out of the elements.
--The elements which are not very elementy today?

Stop me before I shop again!

Emergency bread is very important.

Wait, I have to go to the bathroom!
--I just went to the bathroom. The bathroom is done.

The internet comes in an envelope?!

Now it's a bear. Before, it was just confused.

Why do I insist upon saucing my sticks?
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