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Amparo Bertram


My toes were tingling with the cold within moments after I crawled out from under the covers this morning. I set my living room heater to 75, but even with the two bedroom doors shut, it barely manages to heat the rest of the apartment up to 60. I do have a kerosene heater, which would undoubtedly help, but there are two major problems with using it (aside from the smell).
  • No one has told me where to buy kerosene.
  • No one has told me how to get said kerosene back to my apartment once I do buy it.

    When I lived in Niigata, my apartment had a steel drum on the front doorstep. When the weather turned cold, someone came by and automatically filled the steel drum, then sent the bill to the school for me to pay. That was nice and simple. Here, there is a plastic kerosene container in front of the apartment, but it is apparently empty. I'm bad at estimating volume, but I'd guess it holds about ten gallons. I could theoretically take the plastic container to the gasoline station on the corner (assuming that's where I would buy kerosene) and have them fill it up, but there's no way in the world I'd be able to carry it back home again.

    So, in the meantime, I'm settling for the 60 degrees my poor electric heater can produce until I figure out the kerosene problem...and wearing really warm clothes.
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