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Amparo Bertram

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08:29 pm: Burning the midnight oil
This past week has been rather trying. We've gotten to the point in the fiscal year where money in the overtime budget has to be spent before it is lost, but all the people who usually like working overtime have reached their cap and can't do it anymore. I ended up getting tapped to stay 1-4 hours after my shift ended at night. The money's good, but not getting home until past midnight is a bear. (One night I didn't get home until 3am.)

Thankfully, that is all behind me now.

I spent this weekend harvesting more beans and cleaning my backlog of pots and pans. We'll be having a potluck lunch at work on Wednesday, and I wanted to take something other than my usual pie this time, so I modified a recipe in one of my cookbooks and made a double batch of blackberry pudding. It has two whole quarts of blackberries concentrated in it, so it had better be good...

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