Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Mail fail

Summer is progressing nicely in the garden. I picked the first few pods of the earliest maturing beans; I expect more will follow in another week or so. I'm also happy that my cucurbits all seem to be doing very well. I have multiple watermelon fruit starting to appear, so that should make for some tasty treats later in the season. There are several different varieties of winter squash as well.

I ran into a curious problem this past week. Around last Wednesday, I noticed that I didn't get any mail in my mailbox. Usually there's at least some kind of advertisement. I shrugged it off as just a slow mail day. However, it happened again, and again. Finally, when I came home from work Saturday night, I noticed an envelope addressed to me on my front porch, just lying on the ground. That was odd, but I thought perhaps it had been mistakenly delivered to one of my neighbors, and they weren't sure where to leave it for me.

On Monday, it happened again--a piece of mail was left on my front porch. There was still nothing in my mailbox. At that point, I figured that I must have been assigned a new mail carrier, and the person didn't know how to find my mailbox. (It's located about ten steps away from my front porch.) I tried calling the post office to ask if that's what was going on, but no one answered the phone. I called repeatedly, letting it ring over a dozen times each call, for 45 minutes solid, and no one ever answered. There wasn't even a voice mail service. I tried calling the national USPS help line, but the computer refuses to connect the caller with an actual human until you have chosen a specific menu item; "my carrier can't find my mailbox" is not on the menu.

Not wanting any more of my mail to be left out in the open where anyone (or even just the wind) could take it, I got out my bicycle and headed down to the main post office. After waiting in line for a while, I was finally able to speak with someone who could contact a supervisor for me. When the supervisor came out to hear my problem, she seemed annoyed that I was taking up her valuable time. I explained what was happening and described how to get to my mailbox. (She shot me a nasty look when I offered to draw a picture. I suspect she thought I was being sarcastic.) She wrote down my address and said she would deal with it.

This morning, I happened to be out working in the front yard when the mail carrier came. That was fortunate, because he was about to leave my mail on the front porch again. Clearly, the postal supervisor hadn't done anything about my issue, despite all the effort I went through to bike over there. I got the carrier's attention and pointed out the location of the mailbox. I really hope he remembers.

In more positive news, my bench was delivered today. It should be much easier to play games with multiple people now. My next project is to clear a lot of stuff like old costumes out of my bedroom and put it into storage in the garage loft. Once I have more space there, I can move my gaming computer desk out of the living room and into the bedroom. That will allow me to keep the bench along the front wall of the living room, where people can use it for taking off or putting on shoes. There's always something to keep me occupied.
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