Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

2015 Kickstarter Game Update Week 22

Game I Viewed:
Status: 56% funded

This game is set in Edo, Japan. Players hire artisans and vendors and do business in the Nihonbashi district with the goal of becoming the one who best personifies the philosophy of iki. While ordinarily I'm all over any project that has something to do with Japan, I'm just not a fan of the old-style Japanese art. Also, I'm not impressed by the game mechanics.

Honorable Mention:
2016 Gaming Calendar
Status: Funded

This 2016 calendar is illustrated with photographs of various popular games, and various gaming events (such as large conventions) are marked on the appropriate dates. The basic calendar includes images from such games as Roll for the Galaxy, Viticulture, Machi Koro, Mysterium, Pandemic: The Cure, and Elder Sign; by pledging more, backers can assemble a custom calendar from other game photos. If I actually used calendars, I might be tempted, but the last time I bought a calendar for the pictures I never even unrolled it from the plastic.
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