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Amparo Bertram

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05:53 am: 2015 Kickstarter Game Update Week 20
Games I Viewed:
Loop, Inc.
Status: Funded

In this time-travel themed game, players are attempting to accomplish goals in the past by visiting it three times. The twist is that every subsequent trip, the player must include the same actions in the same order as the previous trip(s) to simulate not being able to change what has already occurred. While it sounds incredibly clever, I need to start cutting back on game purchases, so I will probably pass on this one.

Shadowrift 2nd Edition
Status: Funded

This cooperative deckbuilding game is getting a new printing with updated art and improved rules. Since I just got rid of my original 1st edition copy, I don't need to re-acquire it, but someone else might be interested.

Quest: Awakening of Melior
Status: 37% funded

This is a solo dice game with added variant rules to accommodate multiple players. I actually ordered a copy of the prototype version two years ago, so I technically already own it. The art is definitely a selling point. If I were more of a fan of dice games, I'd probably be more enthusiastic about the finished version.



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Date:June 27th, 2015 11:07 pm (UTC)
Did Shadowrift need better art?

I don't know that it particularly needed better art, but they are apparently making the cards bigger, so I guess the new art was to go along with the new card size?

I'll have to read the difference between the deluxe and regular editions,

It looks like the only difference is that the deluxe edition includes a board.

it's extremely unlikely I would be willing to drop even $65 on it.

Personally, if I were re-buying it, I wouldn't bother getting the Archfiends expansion. It just has new enemies to make the game harder, and we never beat the regular game anyway. I would get the $39 base game.

<reminds self of the ridiculous amount of money spent on games already this year>
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