Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

2015 Kickstarter Game Update Week 19

Games I Viewed:
The Gallerist
Status: Funded

This is the newest game by the designer of such heavy classics as Vinhos and CO2. I looked at it because it seemed like an interesting theme, but this designer's games tend to be more complex and brain-burny than I prefer.

Status: Funded

This is a semi-abstract game in which players are apothecaries trying to concoct potions in order to gain membership in a secret society. The components are gorgeous, I'm just not sure what I think about the game mechanics. It does have a solo variant as a stretch goal, which makes it more tempting.

Status: Funded

In this cooperative game, players control a band of mythological Greek heroes as they journey with Jason to bring back the Golden Fleece. The art is fantastic, but the project designers seem worryingly amateurish. For example, they are planning to evade customs charges for the backers by claiming a lower value than the actual cost of the game, which is...kind of illegal.
Tags: kickstarter

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