Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Just warming up

The weather warmed up this week, which helped my fruit trees a lot. The cherries are ripening nicely, and I should be able to start harvesting them soon. The hydrangeas are now in full bloom.

My beans are doing very well. Some of the plants are showing flower buds, so it won't be long before pods begin appearing. This plot, which received a good dose of compost in February, is doing especially well. Interestingly, all of the plants below the white fence were supposed to be bush beans (at least, the parent plants were bush beans), but several of them have started to show a vining habit. I had to add a couple more cages and bamboo stakes to support them. It should be fun to see the results.

Friday night, I invited the neighbors over for a game night. We had okonomiyaki and homemade blackberry/cherry pie for the meal, then played Mysterium and 7 Wonders.

I took a day off work on Saturday to have another three day weekend. After gnine got back from her class in the city, she and I went to the local game store for a bit of shopping, then we ate out at the nearby Cheesecake Factory.

Sunday I wanted to get some cleaning done, so I pulled out the vacuum, but after running it for a couple minutes, the motor overheated and the whole thing shut off. I tried emptying out the dust cannister and cleaning the hair from the roller brushes, but nothing had any effect. Finally I looked up the user manual and found that I had to clean the secondary filter (a pancake-sized object located in a secret compartment) that I hadn't even known existed. Once I took care of that, I had to let it air-dry for 24 hours before I could replace it in the machine, so that scrapped my cleaning plans for the day. At least I had Monday off too, so I took care of it then.

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