Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

2015 Kickstarter Game Update Week 17

Game I Backed:
Eminent Domain: Exotica
Status: Funded

This campaign is a combined project for both Exotica and an unrelated game (by a different designer) set in the same universe, Battlecruiser. I'm only pledging for Exotica. The campaign allows backers to add on previous Eminent Domain games. I still haven't gotten to play the game with the expansion, since I'm always teaching it to new people, but I expect that I will someday.

Game I Viewed:
Epic Card Game
Status: Funded

By the designers of Star Realms, this is a combat card game modeled on Magic: The Gathering that fixes what some consider to be flaws in the Magic system. It purports to offer the complete trading card game experience in a single box, no booster packs required. While the art is outstanding, and I consider Star Realms to be a great game, I'm not really into TCG/LCG-style play, where you have to construct a deck before the game starts. It's really tempting, though, and if they offer a solitaire or cooperative variant (maybe as a stretch goal), then I'll buy it.
Tags: kickstarter
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