Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

On the fence

When I remodeled my kitchen nearly two years ago, I added a dishwasher for extra convenience. The main problem with dishwashers, though, is that they're not great at getting cheese off of things. Since most of my washable items, particularly silverware, end up with cheese of one kind or another on them, I have to rinse them off before I load them in the dishwasher.

I am right handed, so I hold the sponge in my right hand, while the silverware is in my left hand. The dishwasher is on the right side of the sink, because that's the only place it would fit. Therefore, every time I wash a piece of silverware, I have to reach diagonally across and down to place it in the silverware basket. Doable, but awkward, and I generally end up dripping water on the floor while I'm at it.

Tonight I had a brilliant revelation. I can take the silverware basket out of the dishwasher and put it directly in the sink, so I don't have to reach anywhere, I can just drop the silverware directly into it. You can tell my eight years of college paid off, right? ~_~

In less exciting news, Management officially announced our new schedule this week...and it's exactly the same as the one they proposed before, without making a single concession based on our concerns and objections. We pretty much figured that's what they would do, but it's still disappointing. Thus, we will be meeting with the union lawyer sometime in the next few days to start the grievance process. At least I now know my schedule through most of June.

This weekend the weather has been rather dismal, with heavy cloud cover and chilly wind. I worked out in the yard as much as I could during the warmest part of the afternoon, trying to clear out more weeds. The blackberries are in full bloom now, with bees constantly buzzing around them. I should have a great crop before too long. I also spotted a plum on my Santa Rosa tree, though I have no illusions that I'll actually get to harvest it before a squirrel steals it. The cucumbers and squash plants are doing quite well; the extra compost I added to the raised beds back in winter seems to have had a positive effect.

I've been having fence contractors come out to see the yard to give me an estimate for putting in a beagle-proof fence. That's my main home improvement goal for this year. Looking ahead to adopting Benny got me scanning the local animal shelter web page to see what kind of dogs they have, in case I want to adopt a companion for him. It turns out their dog population is about 80% chihuahuas, with most of the rest some kind of pit bull. They also have BUNNIES. (Not that I would get a bunny as a companion for a beagle, but they're cute to look at.)

I just got the results back for the board game trade that I'm participating in next weekend for KublaCon, and it's quite positive. I offered 12 games/game promo items in the trade, and I ended up with 8 matches, so that's a pretty good ratio. I even managed to trade away a bag full of Bleach manga (with a board game promo) in exchange for a game, so that saves them from the recycling bin.
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