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Amparo Bertram

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07:51 am: Cool...clear...water
I was visited last night by a door-to-door water purifier salesman. Now, ordinarily I would turn a salesperson away, but I had been considering buying a water purifier (based on looking at the icky stains my water leaves), so I listened to his spiel. It sounded like a quality product, but it was more expensive than I was willing to pay on the spur of the moment. If he had given me some kind of contact information so I could research it and think about it and get back to him, I might have considered it, but he insisted I had to decide on the spot.

Anyway, our conversation had some really amusing moments. For example, as part of the demonstration he offered to give me for free as much of the filtered water as I could hold in the various PET bottles and such I had lying around.

Salesman: Do you drink tea?

Me: Sometimes.

Salesman: Where's your hot water heater? <intending to fill it up for me>

Me: I use that. <points at coffee maker>

Salesman: That's a coffee maker.

Me: <no kidding> Yes, but if you put tea in it, it makes tea.

Salesman: So you like coffee?

Me: <gives up>

He mentioned at least twice that the filtered water was perfect for making baby formula. This is after hearing that I am neither married nor dating. Perhaps my So? expression eventually got through to him, because he finally asked if I was planning on getting married. Of course, even if I were, I'm definitely not planning on having kids. But he was confoozled enough as it was.

I was stumped as to why he kept asking if I had a phone. He continued to ask even after I tried to get contact information from him and he refused. He seemed consternated when I kept answering that I had a phone but rarely used it. It finally dawned on me that he was trying to judge whether I would be able to pay for the water purifier, and he was using the information of whether I paid monthly phone bills to figure this out. Why didn't he just say so?

I had left my rolling pin in the sink after having made tortillas. He pointed to it and was like, "Is that...?" with this expression of wonder on his face, as if it was some exotic implement that he's only heard about through rumors and legends. I was quite amused.



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Date:November 30th, 2004 01:02 am (UTC)
I love the "exotic implement [from] rumors and legends". That's just the greatest image.

I'm with him re: the coffee maker, though. The water needs to be BOILING. Like REALLY boiling. :-)

I adore reading your journal. The culture shock/clash stuff is just a trip.
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Date:November 30th, 2004 04:00 am (UTC)
The water needs to be BOILING. Like REALLY boiling.

<g> I guess I'm not a tea purist. As long as the water's warm enough to dissolve the sugar, that's what matters to me.

The culture shock/clash stuff is just a trip.


I'm looking forward to the year-end faculty party on Friday. I've gone to them before, but this one appears to be completely different from any of the ones I had in Niigata. So I'm expecting some serious confusion on my part...which can be part of the fun.
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