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Amparo Bertram

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05:35 am: 2015 Kickstarter Game Update Week 14
Game I Backed:
The Dwarves
Status: Funded

This is a project for an English version of an award-winning German cooperative game about dwarves protecting their land from encroaching evil monsters, along with an expansion that upgrades the game components. Rahdo compares it to Defenders of the Realm, saying that it gives a similar feel yet plays in half the time. Although it's a shame that backers have to buy both the plain base game AND the separate component upgrade (there's no "deluxe" base game with the upgrades already added, so backers have to pay for all the original plain components that will never be used), I did at least manage to get in on the earliest bird tier.

Games I Viewed
Epoch: Early Inventors
Status: 9% funded

This is a tile-laying game in which players must travel to different environments to collect resources that can be used to make tools. While the art is not bad, the theme doesn't particularly grip me, and the project doesn't appear to have gained much momentum.

Status: 71% funded

This is a worker placement game in which workers are placed onto a calendar, so they will not be available to perform tasks until future rounds. It reminds me of a simpler version of Tzolk'in, just without the fancy Mayan calendar wheels. Since I already own Tzolk'in, I didn't feel the need to back this one.

Edited to add:
Assault on Doomrock: Doompocalypse
Status: Funded

This is the expansion to the cooperative adventure game that funded last year on Indiegogo. I have the base game, but I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet. I really like the sense of humor, though.

Honorable mention:
Vanguard Meeples
Status: 99% funded

This is a project on Indiegogo for metal meeples in various colors.

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