Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

2015 Kickstarter Game Update Week 10

Games I Backed:
Status: 62% funded

This is a puzzle card game in which players are trying to build a heroic lineage while matching ancestors together who have specific genetic traits (represented by colors). The colors built up in the lineage give the player special powers each turn. I played this one at GenCon last year and found it to be an entertaining filler. Also, if the rules haven't changed since then, it is possible to have same-sex couples as ancestors.

Raiders of the North Sea
Status: Funded

This sequel to Shipwrights of the North Sea is a worker placement game in which each player only ever has one worker. Each turn consists of placing a worker on the board to carry out an action, then removing a different worker from the board to resolve another action. What I like about this game (on top of the quirky art) is that the players attack neutral settlements on the board rather than each other, so it is less aggressive than its predecessor.

Game I Viewed:
Valeria: Card Kingdoms
Status: Funded

This tableau-building dice game is inspired by Machi Koro but has added elements such as hidden goals for each player and different currencies that can be used to purchase different types of cards. It also has the same artist as Raiders of the North Sea above. All the reviews I've seen so far are very positive. I've considered backing it, I just don't know that I can justify the cost when I already own the original Machi Koro (plus expansions). Also...Myth: Journeyman just ate my gaming budget for the month.

Honorable Mention:
Rahdo Runs Through Year Four
Status: Funded

Game reviewer Richard Ham is raising funds for his next year of videos. (I didn't get a prototype tester spot this year; they were already full when I saw the page, which was about 30 minutes after it went live. They must have gone fast.)
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