Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Getting it done

I spent most of this week working on the project of designing new potential schedules to submit to the chief. We were given a deadline of Friday, and we had a lot of justifications and statistics and other information to pull together into a coherent proposal that would be agreeable to the whole team. (I even spent several restless nights dreaming about it.) Then, on Thursday morning, our supervisor sent out an email asking us if we had the schedule proposal ready to turn in.

Asking for an important and detailed project to be turned in a day before the deadline. Classy. @_@

We managed to get it done that day and turned it in. It's in the chief's hands now. I expect we'll find out the results of her decisions in the coming week.

Saturday I was able to harvest my first good-sized stalk of asparagus. It was quite sweet and tender. I'm glad that at least one plant managed to survive despite the drought. I'm hoping the other ones did as well. I was so inspired by finally getting a harvest that I took a trip down to the local nursery and picked up a six-pack of asparagus crowns to add to the garden. While there, I also bought three more flowers for the front yard and a new variety of potato to try. This one is called Yukon Gem, and it is reportedly a descendant of Yukon Gold with higher yield and better disease resistance. We'll see how it fares without irrigation.

My potted cucurbit seeds were just starting to sprout when something came along, uprooted them, and ripped them to pieces. I suspect squirrels (since snails generally don't bother pulling things completely out of the soil). I replanted as much as I could, then put a big cage over all the pots to keep animals out. Hopefully that will do the trick. I'm upset about the lost time, but there are probably still a couple seeds in the process of germinating that hadn't reached the surface yet, so the setback shouldn't be too severe. Also, a single cucumber seedling survived the massacre, so at least there's that.

The flowers in the yard are beginning to bloom, so spring is definitely here. Even my wisteria appear to have flower buds this year, at long last. I'll be sure to take pictures when they open.

I spent most of today cooking. I wanted to use up all of my CSA vegetables before they went bad, so I made a huge pot of soup. I have plenty to eat for the rest of the week, and even a few quarts to freeze for later. I also made a couple of pizzas to divide up and take to work for lunch. Of I have a mountain of bowls and pots and pans to wash...
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