Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

When it hits the fan...

I began the week thinking about television. I watch a lot of TV programming, but it seems that recently everything is merely entertaining rather than exciting. Of the shows that I've been following from previous seasons, most have either turned unpleasantly dark (e.g. Person of Interest) or have taken plot twists that I don't appreciate (e.g. Perception). Even Mythbusters made a huge cast change. The one new show that I appreciated enough that I would recommend it to other people was The Librarians, and that had a very short season.

What prompted all this introspection was watching the new series Battle Creek. I decided to check it out because it's set in Michigan. I only half-watched the first episode. I paid more attention to the second episode, and it struck me how much it reminded me of Due South. Heck, the plot was even about a maple syrup cartel; that would totally have been something a Mountie would investigate. That reminded me of my DS fanning, and how excited I felt at every episode, and how my entire family loved the show so much we went to a convention just for that show.

Would I go to a convention to celebrate any of the shows currently on TV? Not likely. Maybe NCIS, if I didn't have to travel too far. That's kind of sad. On the bright side, though, that frees me up to attend gatherings for other things, like board gaming.

Anyway, after all that introspection, I turned my attention toward pie. I decided to bring a pie to work on Wednesday, when everyone would be there for training. I went with blackberry, which turned out to be a good choice, as it went over very well.

After training, however, we were all called in for a meeting with our new supervisor, who relayed to us the changes the new chief wants to make to our department. Let me just say that the proposed changes are not only drastic, they are freaking insane. Without going into details, the gist of her message is, "You are all lazy bums who need to stay on your feet working more hours to cover more flights at more times of day, and stop giving your dogs so many breaks." (Note, if you look at national stats, we are the NUMBER ONE airport canine team in the country for quantity of seizures. You don't get in that position by being lazy.)

We have until the end of next week to propose a new schedule to satisfy her demands, and if she doesn't like it, she'll make one up herself and force us to follow it. (She already kicked out the supervisor who had been in charge of scheduling and put herself in charge of that department.) We suspect that she already has a schedule that she wants for us, and she'll reject anything that we propose, no matter what we turn in. (We'll still try, though.) Needless to say, it has been quite stressful for all of us.

I was glad that the weather was nice on Saturday. I was able to spend pretty much the whole day out in the yard, weeding and transplanting more strawberries. Hopefully I will be equally productive today.
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