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Amparo Bertram

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06:33 pm: Meal of the Millennium
I've been all about food this week. First, I signed up for a cooking class later this month being given by a chef at an Indian restaurant. She's going to show us how to make an entire meal (including an appetizer, chutney, soup, main dish, and dessert), and it's all completely vegetarian. Bonus: The restaurant is within walking distance of my house.

Friday I ran some errands, making more progress toward getting my refinancing done. I spent a couple hours in the afternoon clearing some more weeds out of the back yard. My plum tree has started blooming; it will be interesting to see whether it produces any fruit this season. I should be able to start picking rhubarb soon. Also, it looks like I have lots of baby parsnips starting to sprout over by where I let some set seed last year, so that's exciting.

Saturday I went to San Francisco, where I met up with mangaroo. We spent some time playing games at one of the tables in the nearest game shop. After that, we hoofed it over to the Millennium restaurant, where we had a lovely meal. I had heard that the restaurant would be closing in April, so we wanted to have a chance to eat there one last time.

I headed home on the BART, then got off at the airport to transfer to the bus that would get me home. I was at the bus stop plenty early, but as time ticked by and the 9pm bus didn't come, I began to worry. I kept waiting and waiting, thinking it had gotten stuck in slow traffic and would show up any minute, but it never did. I ended up having to stay on the bench an hour until the 10pm bus arrived. I called the bus company in the morning to find out what had happened; there was a slight chance I had somehow gotten too involved in the book I had brought to pass the time and just missed seeing the bus. However, there was in fact no record of the 9pm bus in their system, so it wasn't my mistake. Weird.

I spent most of today weeding in the front yard. After I cleared some space, I transplanted several strawberries out of their pots. My goal is to get most of my potted plants into the ground where I won't have to water them as often, but it's slow going because I have so many pots. Once I took the strawberries out, I used the pots to start some squash and watermelon seeds to use as backup transplants in case the ones I direct seeded in the garden don't sprout. I also picked another heaping bowl of loquats; with luck, I'll have enough to make a decent quantity of jam.

I'm planning what to bring to work for Pi Day this year. (I'm not actually working on the 14th, though, so I'll have to bring it in early.) I'll probably make a blackberry pie, since I think I have more blackberries than other kinds of fruit in the freezer.


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Date:March 9th, 2015 06:48 pm (UTC)
Ow, I'm sorry about the bus. I hope that doesn't happen often, because I'm hoping the game store can become the solution to the visiting commute problem. Though their shelf of games does make me sad because I still really want to play Shadows over Camelot in traitor mode with you all.

I have to say that the best thing about the second game we played was that my character was supposed to be silent and I am constitutionally incapable of silence when playing a game.
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Date:March 10th, 2015 12:30 pm (UTC)
I hope that doesn't happen often, because I'm hoping the game store can become the solution to the visiting commute problem.

It's exceedingly rare. In fact, I think this is the first time I've ever seen a bus just not come at all. Usually if there's a delay it ends up being 15-20 minutes late.
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