Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Gaming the New Year

We had another warm, sunny weekend. My potatoes are beginning to sprout, and my loquat tree is producing its first crop. I'm hoping to get enough fruit to make at least a little loquat jam, which means picking them before the squirrels can get them. I spent all day on Friday weeding the front yard, which was in sorry shape after being neglected since last fall.

On Saturday, my neighbors invited me to go to their friends' house in downtown SF to celebrate Chinese New Year. I was asked to bring games along, so I picked out a selection that could handle at least 5 players. When we arrived, we started out with a game of Mai-Star, which has proven to be very popular with the group.

We took a break to walk the dogs and then have supper. Once all the plates were cleared away, I brought out Pandemic (with the roles from On the Brink) for a 5-player game. We managed to cure 3 diseases, but we ran out of cards to draw two turns before we could cure the last disease. Quote from my neighbor: "We'll have to play that again to see if we can win. Can you bring it to the next game night?"

We still had a bit of time after that, so I brought out Dominion: Intrigue with extra base cards for a 6-player game. (There were 7 people present, so I sat out and just acted as a coach.) It turned out to be a bizarre randomized kingdom set with no 5-cost cards and only Masquerade for trashing (which no one bought). Lacking any good 5-cost actions, the pile of silver was the first thing to go. (This was partially my fault, though, because I accidentally left half the silver cards in the box when I was setting up.) The game eventually ended on four piles, which isn't the most exciting conclusion, but everyone seemed to enjoy the game itself.
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