Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

The bowl runneth over

We had lovely weather this weekend--which is starting to worry a lot of people, because with zero rainfall all month, this has been the driest January on record.

I spent most of Saturday recording and editing my second game video: Ruinous. It's annoying when I make a mistake and have to go back and shoot a half hour of play all over again. Still, I think it came out pretty well.

I had time in the afternoon to prune my grape vines, which were quite monstrously tangled, and harvest a big bowl of peas. Then on Sunday morning I worked on planting my spring potatoes, harvesting more kale, and doing a bit of weeding. This year I'm experimenting with intercropping some cucurbits with the potatoes. That way I don't have to rush the potato harvest so that I can plant something else in their space, because the plants will already be there.

I don't think any of the newly planted items will sprout until we get some rain, but in the meantime the warm weather is causing a lot of flowers to open. My ume tree has begun blooming, and so has one of my irises in the front yard. My mulberry and apple trees never got cold enough to go completely dormant; I'm concerned about how that will affect them this season.

My neighbors invited me over to their Superbowl party in the afternoon. I kind of blew them off last year (I actively dislike football), but it was combined with a birthday party, so I thought I should attend this year. I didn't have time to cook anything, so I took over my bowl of peas and a box full of kale. Once people started munching on the peas, they disappeared quickly, and several of the guests were excited to take home bags of fresh kale.

My remaining gardening goals for this month are more weeding and pruning, and then transplanting more strawberries so I can get them out of pots and into the ground, where I won't have to water them as often.
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