Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Over 9,000

I've been taking advantage of our relatively mild weather to get a bit of pruning done. I'm hoping that the weather holds, because I have a lot to do and only about two more weeks before planting season hits again. Also in gardening news, I've started harvesting early peas. Planting them at the beginning of October rather than the end made a big difference.

Last Tuesday I made use of my day off to go downtown and see Into the Woods at the theater. SO GOOD.

I was a bit disappointed that they cut the second Agony song. The first one was so awesome, though, I didn't mind too much. (The part where the princes rip their shirts open to bare their chests totally cracked me up.) Also, this version lets Rapunzel and her prince keep their happy ending, so that's more cheerful than the original.

I wonder how many people leave the theater singing. I certainly did. I haven't been able to get the songs out of my head all week.

Tomorrow we're having a party at work to celebrate Benny (and me) getting 10,000 seizures. I baked some peanut butter/carrot muffins to bring in for Benny as a special treat. When the neighbor dog came over to visit, I let her have one; she grabbed it and ran out the door back to her house, as if afraid I might change my mind and try to take it away. Silly girl.

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