Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Lights, camera...

This past week I undertook the project of filming a video introducing one of the games I bought in Tokyo, as the first in a planned series. I thought it would be relatively straightforward, but I kept running into problems. The first interruption was the rain, which was so loud pounding down on my house that I didn't want to film during the noise. After it stopped raining, I thought I would get a chance to begin, but then the neighbors a few houses down decided it would be a great time to chop down and chip a huge tree from their yard. That noise lasted for another two days, further delaying filming.

When it was finally quiet enough for me to set up my camera and try a play through of the game, I ran into technical difficulties. It seems my camera battery only lasts ~25 minutes when filming, at which point it abruptly powers off without warning. Since I tend to blabber on, it cut me off after only getting about two turns into the game. I ended up having to do about five takes, stopping to recharge the battery back to full between each one, before I got one that seemed worth keeping.

I wanted to do some minor editing to add an intro title with a nice cross dissolve into the actual video. I revved up my copy of Adobe Premiere...only to realize I had no idea how to make titles with it. Fortunately, I had checked some books out of the library for just that reason, so I put the project on hold for a few hours while I studied up on the software. Once I thought I had it figured out, I began trying to make the titles, but I ran into an issue where none of the changes to the fonts and colors would stick. I spent two hours trying to get the fonts and colors that I wanted, but every time I tried to save them, they would revert back to some earlier point. Some web searching turned up a forum discussion on this very topic, which appears to be a bug with some versions of Premiere; the only solution is to close out of the program and restart it.

After that was cleared up, the actual video editing was simple, and compiling the finished product (though extremely time-consuming) was just a matter of picking the right compression off the menu. I now have a video of my very own on Boardgamegeek.

With that accomplished, I spent some time today making my first batch of tomato soup using my frozen supply from the summer. It came out quite impressively well (though the yellow color of the Snow Whites makes it look like creamed corn).

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