Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Another day, another dungeon

...Or at least working my way up to the dungeons. I've been playing a lot of Warcraft in my spare time, now that the new expansion is out. I tend to fritter away my time on things like fishing and picking flowers, though, so I don't make a huge amount of actual progress. I did at least manage to get one character to the new max level this weekend.

My supervisor arranged for me to work the early flight that I mentioned before. However, someone up the chain missed the deadline for entering the funding paperwork, and thus overtime has not been approved. Instead of working an extra 1.5 hours every day, my entire shift got moved 1.5 hours earlier (so I leave 1.5 hours earlier as well). The main change with the new shift, which starts at 5:30am, is that I have to take the slower local bus, because the highway bus doesn't run that early.

The problem with working an extra-early shift is that, although I have to wake up earlier to make it to the airport on time, I can't necessarily go to sleep earlier due to social obligations (e.g. interacting with the neighbors in the evening). That means I tend to get less sleep than on my previous shift. On the bright side, Benny has been making some good finds on the early flight, so we're accumulating evidence that it's worth having a dog working it.

My neighbors invited me over to a Thanksgiving party being thrown at their friends' house in a nearby town. They asked if I could bring some games for people to play, so I picked out a few that would be suitable. I went directly after work and hung out with them for several hours. It turned out to be a "bring your dog" party as well, so the little one-bedroom apartment was filled with four dogs. Several of us played Hanabi and Age of Craft while the guys watched the football game.

The unfortunate aspect of the whole event was that one of the attendees had a cold. After spending all those hours in close quarters, by the end of the evening I knew I was going to catch it. When I got up to go to work in the morning, I was already sniffling. I've been working my way through the various symptoms all weekend; at this point I'm at the headache and coughing stage. I'm hoping it will clear up in another day or so.

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