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Amparo Bertram

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08:15 pm: Round and round we go
I spent most of Wednesday night and quite a bit of Thursday designing a cherry blossom crochet motif to use with the yarn I bought last week. (The one pictured was done with some leftover afghan yarn.) Round or pointed petals would have been easy. Getting the little cleft on each one took hours to figure out. Then adding an edging that was the proper balance between simple (so as not to detract from the flower in the center) and fancy (to do justice to the yarn) was another problem. I think I ripped the last two rounds out and re-worked them at least five times.

When I needed a break from crocheting, I cleared two of the raised beds in the garden. I harvested the lone watermelon and set it in the refrigerator to chill. If I'm lucky, it was ripe.

Today I planted the two beds with four varieties of edible pod peas. I'm planting them two weeks earlier this year in the hope that the last heat of summer will give them a head start so that they're larger and tougher when the rainy season slugs come out to play.

Once that was accomplished, I started tidying up the yard in preparation for winter. I pruned off this season's blackberry branches to make room for the ones that will produce next year. I harvested even more cherry tomatoes for freezing. In between all these tasks, I finished processing four pints of relish from last week.

I had intended to go grocery shopping, but by the time I got done in the yard, it was too late in the afternoon. I'll have to make do until next week.


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Date:October 5th, 2014 01:35 am (UTC)
It's an absolutely beautiful sakura pentagon!


After seeing photos of your neighbors lawn (the way it was dug up by raccoons looking for grubs or earth worms to eat)

What they said on the news was that it's actually opossums digging for grubs. The raccoons go after garbage. (It could very well be skunks, too. I've smelled them around.)

It's a good thing the raccoons don't do to the gardens what they are doing to lawns.

Most of my yard is weeds anyway. I've found a couple of holes, but only in areas where I didn't plant anything important.
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