Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

If it's not one thing...

Only a one-day weekend for me, so I had to squeeze a lot into it. After grocery shopping, I spent most of the morning working out in the yard.

My biggest problem right now is that the neighborhood squirrels keep eating my figs. I have to pick them a day or two early, because if I let them get fully ripe, I find them on the ground with big holes gnawed in them. I'm losing at least two figs a day. I tried enclosing each fig in a zip-seal bag in the hope that would be a deterrent, but it doesn't seem to stop them. I even tried covering the entire tree with bird netting and tying the netting shut around the trunk, but they can get to the figs through the net. It's making me kind of mad, particularly since they never eat the whole fig, they just eat about half and then go on to a new one.

They're attacking my apples, too, but those are farther away in the backyard and I don't see them as often.

Anyway, I harvested another huge batch of tomatoes. I don't have time to make sauce with them, unless I stick them in the refrigerator to wait until my next weekend. I don't know if I have enough space in there for that. I roasted and froze another two quarts of cherry tomatoes, so at least those are out of the way.

One thing was cause for excitement today. I planted four watermelon seedlings in late spring, but sadly three of them died. One survived and started sending out vines, but I didn't notice it producing anything. Today, however, I spotted a single watermelon. Now I just have to figure out how to know when to pick it...

My pomegranate tree is starting to drop its leaves for the year, so I harvested all its fruit. Last year it produced one small, barely edible fruit. This year I got one full-size fruit (which I hope will taste good) and about four smaller ones that may or may not be worth eating. I expect that the tree will continue to increase production as it matures.

After I got all those tasks out of the way and settled down at my computer to check some email, I discovered I had received a fraud alert from my main credit card. It seems someone in the UK used it to book some travel plans. I immediately had it canceled, and now I have to wait for a new one. It's a pain, because there are a bunch of recurring charges I'll have to switch over. At least it didn't happen while I was off on vacation or something.
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