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Amparo Bertram

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06:58 am: Gen Con 2014 Game Log
This is a record of all of the games I played during the entire two-week trip. It does not include games that I merely observed/moderated rather than played. For detailed comments and more info on demo games during the convention itself, I will be posting a geeklist on BGG as soon as I can upload some photos.

Saturday, August 9
Citadels (with megory, Dad, Albert, and Jessica)
Finca (with megory and Dad)
Fresco (with megory, Dad, and Brandon)

Sunday, August 10
San Juan (with megory and Matt)
Eminent Domain (with megory and Matt)
Dominion Base/Alchemy (with megory, Dad, and Matt)
Dominion Base/Prosperity x2 (with Dad and Matt)
Dragon's Hoard (with megory, Robert, and Matt)

Monday, August 11
San Juan (with Dad)
Robot Turtles x2 (with megory)
Dominion Prosperity x2 (with megory and Dad)
Havok & Hijinks (with Dad)

Wednesday, August 13
The Dragon and the Emperor (with Rahdo)

Thursday, August 14
Norsaga (with wednesday_10_00 and two others)
Patchwork (with wednesday_10_00)
Chaos and Alchemy (with wednesday_10_00, sara_tanaquil, and two others)
Puzzle Strike (with wednesday_10_00 and two others)

Friday, August 15
Ginkgopolis (with megory, sara_tanaquil, and Dad)
Downfall of Pompeii (with wednesday_10_00, sara_tanaquil, and mereflair)
Discworld: The Witches (with with megory, Dad, and one other)
Epic Resort (with wednesday_10_00, sara_tanaquil, and Jim)
Eminent Domain: Microcosm (with sara_tanaquil)
Lost Legacy: Flying Garden/The Starship (with wednesday_10_00, sara_tanaquil, mereflair, and Jim)
Mai-Star (with wednesday_10_00, sara_tanaquil, and Jim)

Saturday, August 16
Dominion Dark Ages (with megory and Dad)
Dominion Dark Ages (with megory, Dad, and one other)
Eminent Domain (with sara_tanaquil)
Hot Tin Roof (with wednesday_10_00, sara_tanaquil, and mereflair)
Havok & Hijinks (with wednesday_10_00, sara_tanaquil, mereflair, and Jim)

Sunday, August 17
Timeline (with megory, wednesday_10_00, sara_tanaquil, and Dad)
Havok & Hijinks (with megory, wednesday_10_00, sara_tanaquil, and Dad)
Galaxy Trucker learning game (with wednesday_10_00 and sara_tanaquil)

Monday, August 18
Imperial Settlers (with megory and Dad)
Trains (with megory, wednesday_10_00, and sara_tanaquil)
Machi Koro/Machi Koro Plus (with megory, wednesday_10_00, and sara_tanaquil)
Upon a Fable (with megory, wednesday_10_00, and sara_tanaquil)
Fresco (with megory, wednesday_10_00, and sara_tanaquil)

Tuesday, August 19
Eminent Domain (with megory, wednesday_10_00, and sara_tanaquil)
Fleet (with megory, wednesday_10_00, and sara_tanaquil)

Wednesday, August 20
Dungeon Roll (with megory, wednesday_10_00, and sara_tanaquil)
Race for the Galaxy (with megory, wednesday_10_00, and sara_tanaquil)
Citadels (with megory, wednesday_10_00, sara_tanaquil, mereflair, and Jim)

Thursday, August 21
Finca (with megory and wednesday_10_00)
Terra Mystica (with megory and wednesday_10_00)
Tzolk'in (with megory and wednesday_10_00)
Fairy Tale (with megory and wednesday_10_00)
Morels (with wednesday_10_00)
Finca (with megory, wednesday_10_00, and Mary)
Dominion Hinterlands (with megory and wednesday_10_00)
Samurai Spirit (with megory and wednesday_10_00)

Friday, August 22
Dominion x2 (with megory, wednesday_10_00, and Mary)
Hot Tin Roof (with megory, wednesday_10_00, and Mary)
Fresco (with megory and wednesday_10_00)
Dominion Cornucopia/Guilds (with megory and Dad)
Dominion Dark Ages (with megory and Dad)

Saturday, August 23
Dominion Hinterlands (with megory and Dad)



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Date:August 24th, 2014 06:21 pm (UTC)
Was this from your Kickstarter bid?

Yes, it was.

Did he have any feedback?

He had lots of good suggestions. It's going to keep me busy adding tweaks for a while.

Was this any fun?

If you like dice games, it was pretty good. Not my cup of tea, but I believe sara_tanaquil ordered a copy.

Edited at 2014-08-24 06:22 pm (UTC)
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