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Amparo Bertram

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06:56 am: Gen Con 2014 Quote List
I just realized that we never came up with a theme for this quote list. ;_; It's shorter than one might expect, partly because we spent so much time at the con doing separate things, and partly because we spent so much time focused on games (and so little time drunk). In any case...

Gen Con 2014 Quote List
with contributions from mereflair, sara_tanaquil, spacealien_vamp, and wednesday_10_00

I need to draw a mental map of the convention center with Starbucks at the center.

You never know when you will need a cute, animal-shaped paperclip.

Jim's in my backpack. I brought him.

You fixed it! "Have your dragon spayed or neutered."

True Dungeon ruined my nail polish!

It was really nice of you to offer Mary some of her food.

I spilled ice all over...I don't know if you guys like it that way. Trying to make it more ocean-like.

My Pompeii babies! My Pompeiibies!

Kill someone, Sara! It's good for you!

If Pandemic wasn't a cooperative game, this is how it would be. "I'm infecting your city!"
--You people are so sick.

Sara has joined the murder club!
--Yay! Murder club for life!

Card sleeves in the hand are much better than card sleeves in the bush.

"I tell everybody what a great geisha you are all the time, Denise."

Oh, is he hotel staff? I thought he was cosplaying Doctor Who...

Sara's in Alternate Dimension Lobby.

I'm sorry about your yeti situation.

They were the only ones who didn't care...about defending from the carp.

He was high out of his mind, apparently...or incredibly British?

Where did my cats get all these ironing boards?

You can have the crotch sardine. Enjoy!

Okay, I just got "follow the sausage brick road" running through my head.

I have the power of science on my socks.

I was going to look up what was going on on Mars in 1976.

Your castle hoard is not as impressive as my follower army.

Would you like your pretend castle to be love or honor?

Turn left at the toaster...

I speak fridge!

This game is forcing me to make friends, ugh!

You look like drunk magic.

I'm neutering the thief again.

Slavery's a bummer.

You ruined my fig strategy!



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Date:August 23rd, 2014 07:03 pm (UTC)
They were the only ones who didn't care...about defending from the carp.

Darn you, Indiana!

Thanks for being the best record keeper! My mom keeps asking me how many games we played on this vacation, and I have to say, "I don't know, Amparo kept the list..."
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