Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Never underestimate my ability to shop

I set out bright and early for Kyoto this morning, arriving about 8am. I found my way to the flea market without much trouble, and browsed leisurely. I was glad I got there early, because by 10am, the place was so crowded there was hardly room to move. Luckily, I had completed my purchasing by that point and was ready to go. I actually spent less than I had alotted myself...though I must add in all honesty that this was in no way due to any will power on my part.

No, I stopped short of my limit because my purchases had gotten so HEAVY that if I bought one more thing my arms would fall off. If I hadn't brought some soft gloves along, I'm sure that my fingers would not have survived. I decided to take my bags back to my apartment. By the time I got to Moriyama Station, my shoulders were so sore that I couldn't face the 15 minute walk home and took a taxi instead.

I had originally planned to return to spend the afternoon looking at the red leaves, which is Kyoto's specialty this time of year. But I was so pooped from just carrying things that I couldn't bring myself to leave my apartment again.

The nice thing is, I have TWO MORE DAYS in which I can go back if I want to.

I spent the rest of the afternoon playing on my computer and finishing up the last of the square dance accessories.
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