Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

The best laid plans...

So here's the story. I got my new battery all charged up, packed up my camera with some blank cassettes, and headed off to work in the morning. Then I sat at my desk reading for a few hours, since the Creative event didn't actually start until noon, and anyway it's being held at the Civic Center rather than at the school. I was going to have to go back to my apartment and get my bike to ride out there.

Then, at the last minute one of the teachers volunteered to give a ride to the couple of us who were left in the faculty room. That was really generous. Unfortunately, in the scramble to head out to her car, I left my videocamera at my desk and didn't realize it until we arrived at our destination. ;_;

It's too bad, because the performances were really amazing. I was particularly impressed by the baton club. Their performances were great, but I also enjoyed watching the way they reacted to accidentally dropping their batons. Sometimes they would scoop it right back up and continue the act. Sometimes, if they were in the middle of some arm choreography, they would continue without the baton until they had a slight break to snatch it up. What was especially moving was when the baton dropped too far away to grab subtly, a neighboring performer in a closer position to the baton would pass her own baton over to the one who had dropped it and then the second girl would get the dropped baton. Real teamwork.

Four girls from the English club sang a song. Unfortunately, they must not have had a karaoke version of the music, because it still had the singer's voice. Not only that, but the singer's voice was so loud over the speakers that the girls on the stage, when they could be heard at all, sounded like backup singers. That was a real shame.
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