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Amparo Bertram

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09:14 am: 2014 Kickstarter Game Update Week 25
Apologies for the delay. It was too much of a pain to try posting from my tablet over the weekend while I was away from my computer.

Games I Viewed:

Status: 38% funded

Players in this game move around in ships trying to pick up goods and deliver them to the market or the temple for money and points. Although the art is pretty, there doesn't appear to be much substance to the game.

Status: Funded

In this small-footprint game, players exchange goods and purchase buildings at a fantasy-themed port town. I was interested in this at first due to the whimsical theme, but nearly all reviews liken it to a light version of Le Havre, a game that I didn't particularly enjoy the one time I played it.

Status: Funded

This is a Euro-style civilization-building game in which players manage wooden cubes to make technological advances and build wonders. I'm interested, but I was a bit disappointed by similarly themed Nations (when playing the solo version), so I'm waiting to see if something about it jumps out at me. Reportedly Rahdo is asking for a preview copy to make a video, so I might change my mind after watching that.

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