Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Family Reunion Week Game Log

Tuesday, June 17
Machi Koro (with megory and Dad)
Fairy Tale (with megory and Dad)

Wednesday, June 18
Dragon's Hoard (with megory)
Citadels (with megory and Dad)
Fairy Tale (with megory, Dad, and Joe)

Thursday, June 19
Dragon's Hoard (with megory)
Pandemic (with Joe and Marika)

Saturday, June 21
Dominion Intrigue x2 (with megory and Dad)

Sunday, June 22
Haggis (with megory and Dad)
Dragon's Hoard (with megory, Albert, and Jessica)
Dominion Intrigue x2 (with megory and Dad)

Monday, June 23
Tokaido (with megory and Dad)
Dominion base set + Prosperity x2 (with megory and Dad)
Tags: board games

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