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Amparo Bertram

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06:07 pm: Schedule me this...
I did a little work in the yard this weekend, though not nearly as much as I had anticipated. I harvested the last of the peas for seed and planted several tomatoes. I also harvested more berries, including some called goumi that I planted as an experiment. They're like tiny, slightly astringent cherries. They're not bad, but they don't have much fruit in comparison to the size of the pit, so I'll probably just leave the rest for the birds to enjoy.

Most of the rest of the weekend was devoted to scheduling events for GenCon, a board game convention in Indianapolis that I will be attending with a bunch of friends and family in August. They offer a lot of activities, but since most board games only seat four people, it's hard to reserve a spot with the really popular ones. I submitted my reservation request the instant it became available, and I wound up queued behind over 4600 other people.

It took a lot of back and forth discussion with the rest of the group, but we managed to work out a pretty good plan. Now the countdown begins...

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