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Amparo Bertram

Just write "fantasy" and be done with it...

I had a relatively light day today, since one of my classes was watching a movie and I didn't have to do anything. Also, I got a bit of a pick-me-up after holding a review lesson in my fairytale class (it's the last lesson before their exams). As the students were packing up to leave, several of them commented that this class actually made them feel inspired to study. For one thing, they're already at least vaguely familiar with the stories, and for another they find the subject matter of fairytales itself interesting. *^_^* That was really nice to hear.

Plus, the students in my small third-year class said I looked like Harry Potter because of my glasses. They thought I should have dressed as Harry for Halloween.

At about 4pm, the shodou (calligraphy) teacher came over to my desk and invited me to join her club members as they practiced. Usually I can't do this, since the calligraphy club meets the same time as the English club, but today there was no English club meeting. So I went and tried my hand at drawing a few words. I started with 徨 "wander" and then did 神秘 "mysterious" and 妖精 "fairy." As I pondered what to try next, the teacher looked at the lineup and suggested, "Why don't you write the word 'fantasy' in katakana?" ^_^; For some reason, I can't think of katakana and calligraphy in the same context. (I finally decided upon 翼 "wing.")
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