Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

The saga continues

Last week, I tried ordering a pair of Wrangler jeans in the hope that they would fit. Sadly, the 30" inseam was just too long; the heels dragged on the ground. They were also far roomier in the waist than they should have been for the size, and I suspect that is due to the effect of vanity sizing. I ended up sending them back.

I decided to order the L. L. Bean jeans next. This time, I took a waist measurement before placing the order to make certain I would get the correct size. Sure enough, I had to order a full size level down compared to the jeans I'm currently wearing. They arrived today, and they seem to fit perfectly. As long as they don't shrink too much in the wash, I should be all set.

Friday night I went over to my neighbors' house for dinner and board games. We tried Hanabi first, which they thought was quite interesting, since they had never played a cooperative game before. When they picked the second game, they happened to choose 7 Wonders, which was designed by the same person. They were a bit confused by all the different symbols at first (not really helped by the quantities of wine they had consumed by that point), but they seemed to get the hang of it by about the middle of the second deck (out of three). They liked it well enough to want to have another game night sometime, so I'd call it a success.

Sunday morning, I worked on clearing more weeds from the back yard to plant out a second batch of squash and runner beans. In the afternoon, I joined a local meetup group for an evening of watching sf programs (Babylon 5, Blake's 7, and Red Dwarf) with ice cream and munchies. This one was close enough that I could ride my bike to it, which was nice because I didn't have to worry about leaving at any particular time to catch a bus. I made sure to dress all in white and wear my reflective windbreaker for the trip home, though.

Today I did some additional weeding and planted more leeks and oca. At this point, I'm starting to reach the limit of available space, though there is a little spot around my ume tree where I can squeeze in some herbs. I'll probably do that next week. In two weeks, I should be able to start harvesting all the potatoes and winter legumes that are taking up my raised beds. Then I'll be able to swap in some watermelon and tomatoes. (Tragically, all my cucumber seedlings mysteriously keeled over and died. I guess I'll have to do pickled watermelon rinds this year instead.) The blackberry is now flowering like crazy; I'm going to need a lot of jars to hold all the fruit it appears to be producing.

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