Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Snug as a slug on a rug

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I went to take a shower as usual. I had the water running, and I stepped on the bath mat, about to enter the shower, when my foot came down on something cold and slimy. My bath mat should not be cold and slimy. I moved back and looked down to see what I might have trod upon.

There it was, a slug the size of my thumb. It was HUGE.

I swiftly disposed of it, but my mind was full of questions. Where had it come from? How did it get in the house? How long had it been there?

After I finished my shower, I soon realized that I had neglected one important question: Had it brought any friends?

Answer: Yes. I found another slug crawling across my living room floor.


The rest of my week was completely uneventful in comparison.

Saturday I went to a game meetup in Palo Alto. Transit time is 90 minutes each way by bus, so I couldn't stay too long, but I still managed to play two games (Dominion and Le Havre). The meetup was in a private room at the Palo Alto Public Library, which was nice enough, and one of the attendees ordered delivery pizza for everyone, which was awesome. I would love to go again, if it's ever held on another week when I have Saturday off.

Sunday I spent most of the day clearing weeds so that I could plant oca, Delicata squash, and runner beans. Today was largely more of the same, this time for planting more bush beans. I also harvested a lot of berries. The strawberries were at peak production this week. I got more blueberries as well. The mulberries and raspberries are just beginning their spring season.
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