Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Spending and saving

I was quite the busy bee this weekend. I spent Saturday morning scrubbing my bathrooms and floors in preparation for company coming to visit. Two friends drove over and took me along to Japantown, where we enjoyed ourselves at the Cherry Blossom Festival. We stopped at a number of different shops and vendors, where I spent entirely too much money. At least Kinokuniya was offering 20% off any purchase of 5+ manga, so I saved a bit there...

Our last stop was the Japanese grocery, where we picked up a bunch of food to bring back for a nostalgic meal.

Sunday morning I took a trip to the local Ace Hardware, where they were having a 20% off event. I took the opportunity to pick up a bunch of baking supplies I had been coveting as well as some necessary gardening supplies.

After returning home, I worked at clearing some of the stuff out of the garage to make room for the deliverymen to cart away my old washer/dryer set and install the new one. The new appliances look quite impressive, with lots of different settings, fully customizable for any laundry situation. I used them right away, and I was pleased with what I saw of their performance. The washer spins everything so dry that there's not much moisture left for the dryer, which allows the dryer to run a very short cycle. I imagine that helps conserve energy.

I spent the rest of the afternoon weeding the front yard, which helped a lot. I'm getting excited by the developments in the back yard as well. One of my crabapple trees is blossoming, so there's a possibility I might get fruit from it this year. My grape vines show signs of producing large bunches. If those buds all turn into grapes, I should have a nice harvest. Even my persimmon tree appears to be flowering this year for the first time.

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