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Gotta love Japanese TV

Today was rather uneventful. Well, okay, that's a lie; the school did in fact have an event, a guest performance by a blind singer and her band at an assembly. They came to talk the students into doing volunteer work. I don't know about the students at the front, but from where I was sitting in the back, I could see many heads drooping as the students snoozed. It was just that 2pm time of day when people feel like having a siesta.

I also had a meeting with the woman from the international exchange group who's putting together the English Salon event on the 27th in which I agreed to participate. It's two sessions, each a half hour long, one at 1:30 and one at 2:20. The location is rather far to get to by bike, so she asked how we wanted to travel. She wanted us to arrive by 1pm. A shuttle bus leaves from City Hall at 12:30, so I said (several times) that I would take that. She was concerned that I would arrive too early, but I insisted I could bring a book to read. She began to suggest that she pick the three of us volunteers up in her car so we would all arrive around 1pm (rather than 12:40). I repeated again that I could take the shuttle bus, but she was determined to pick me up. She would pick me up first, so she said I should wait for her in front of my high 12:35.

Great. Her plan saves me about five minutes. <sigh>

Anyway, I wanted to mention something I saw on Itou-ke no Shokutaku last night. This is a program that shows household tips sent in by viewers, and it's tons of fun to watch because they really ham it up. Last night they had a tip about how to lose inches off your waist by clenching a super bouncy ball in an unexpected location for just ten minutes a day . (Apparently this uses muscles that generally aren't exercised.) The women who tried it for a week lost about two inches from the waist, plus their hips and thighs trimmed a bit as well.
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