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Amparo Bertram

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06:58 am: 2014 Kickstarter Game Update Week 14
Game I Viewed:
Among the Stars (reprint)
Status: 18% funded

This is a campaign for a reprint of Among the Stars, which apparently sold out completely. There is a pledge level for current owners of the game to get only the new stretch goals; I might sign up for that, but I haven't decided, since I haven't had the chance to play my copy yet.

Artipia originally intended this campaign to run later in the year, but had to move it earlier for one of their business partners, and it bumped New Dawn's slot. New Dawn has been rescheduled for June.



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Date:April 6th, 2014 03:48 pm (UTC)
How mangaroo's brain works (or doesn't): "It's hard to get! I must pledge for it." "It's a competitive game! I'll never play it (except with s_vamp, who already has it)."

I'm going to take the hint from my wooden-fountained Alhambra (still mint in box) and pass. But the tiles are so nice. Shut up, inner child.
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Date:April 7th, 2014 02:27 pm (UTC)
It's definitely harder to resist something when you think you might not be able to get it later.

I feel like I need my parents to come back just so I can get all my games played...
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Date:April 7th, 2014 01:19 pm (UTC)
I haven't decided, since I haven't had the chance to play my copy yet.

I'm in the same boat, but for $10, I'm likely to pledge for the stretch goals. It's a nice thank you to previous backers, really.
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Date:April 7th, 2014 02:29 pm (UTC)
The price is certainly more than fair. In fact, I'm wondering if they will take a loss on the postage.
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