Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

2014 Kickstarter Game Update Week 12

Games I Viewed:

Big Games for Small Pockets: Dice Hate Me's 54-Card Rabbits
Status: 87% funded

This is a campaign for a collection of 3-6 games, each with 54 cards. They are mostly winners of a game design competition held by the publisher Dice Hate Me Games. I'm kind of interested in the "Dinner, Drinks, and Dessert" set, but I haven't pledged yet because I'm still expecting several big games to launch soon.

MERCS: Recon
Status: Funded

This is a set of two fully cooperative miniature games set in the MERCS universe. I'm not really interested in the MERCS series, but I looked at this one because it has two Myth crossover figures (only one of which has been unlocked as a stretch goal currently). At this point, neither one of the Myth figures is sufficient for me to pledge the $40 it would take to get them, so I'll have to see if anything more enticing is posted as the campaign goes on.

Honorable Mention:

Rahdo Runs Through... Year Three
Status: Launching soon

This campaign is to fund more game purchases and game convention attendance for video reviewer Richard Ham (Rahdo). Backers get to help vote on what games he buys and reviews. A stretch goal is for him to attend GenCon.
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